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Leads Ukraine

Service and Mobile App are designed to unite in one place all the organizations and companies that promote the interests of Ukraine and the representation of Ukraine in Europe.


List of Events related to the image of Ukraine in Europe and in the world, as well as the sharing of experience.


List of Organizations in Belgium and Europe that promote the interests of Ukraine and support its image in the world.

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News and Publications from Organizations about Ukraine in Europe, successful experience and activities of Promoting Ukraine.

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We would like to invite you for building and testing a new service. Also, we are open to new suggestions and comments and appreciate your feedback. Let’s unite the promotion of Ukraine together.


Have already joined our service, and started testing it.

Be the first to join us. We have started testing the Leads Ukraine and soon it will be available to all.

Early testing will allow you to prepare for launch and take part in application development.

After launch of Apps, information about you will be available in the service and users will be able to take part in your events and find out current information about your organization.

All in One Instrument

The service helps to attract people not only to participate in events but to directly participate in promoting the image of Ukraine in Europe

Open Based

People can use the service even without registration and receive all the necessary information about events and organizations.


The service allows to promote the organizations, increase theirs awareness, attract partners, volunteers and participants.

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